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Advancing our
Future Leaders

Audra Friend


"Being a API NEXT intern strengthened my ability to work in a team. In group projects, I was able to take a leading role while still sharing work equally with others. Learning to balance the roles of leader and team member was one of my most valuable takeaways from the program."

Caterina Lungu

Georgetown University

"I really enjoyed interning at API NEXT. I got to work on several projects including designing infographics, gathering research to make databases, compiling reports, and reaching out to elected officials. I was able to attend professional workshops, which were very useful and got me thinking about my future and my career. Most importantly, I was surrounded by a bunch of amazing, driven individuals with positive attitudes who wanted to change the world for the better. I'm really grateful for this program and the team at Launchpad and APAPA."

Cody Riley

Ohio State University

"API NEXT helped me grow a lot in a short period of time. I was able to see what it is like to do work using the knowledge and skills I have learned in college. I also learned what areas I need to improve upon for when I enter the job market which is very helpful."

Rebecca Wahlenmayer

American University

"API NEXT gave me great insight into the work and skills of advocacy and program management. Their advice and mentorship will be very beneficial as I transition from college to career."

Ramanpreet Singh

Ohlone College

"My time as a API NEXT Committee Leader helped me grow my communication and teamwork skills as it allowed me to work with many other just like me and help me grow my network."

Annika Pu

Seattle University

"API NEXT facilitated a three month experience that dramatically honed a diverse set of skills that I would deem necessary for anyone, not just people interested in law or politics. Within this short time, I honed my leadership and communication skills in a manner applicable to any future endeavor, while meeting people from all over the country. At the same time, the research that we worked with supported a proactive engagement and awareness of current events and issues. Within that, I actually developed a real passion for Environmental consciousness, and environmental justice. Not only did these experiences function toward professional experience, but also stimulated a passionate awareness for AAPI injustice, and the need for environmental awareness."

Ryan Fiorto

University of California, Berkeley

"My time working with API Next and APAPA has been extremely insightful. I have so many more skills under my belt and have been able to guide and develop progress towards many great initiatives—and I’m having a great time doing it!"

Jyotsna Dixit

University at Buffalo

"This program provided expert tools for any future projects. I am grateful that I received the opportunity to learn from such knowledgeable people and get to pass that  knowledge to others."

Shannon Le

University of California, Irvine

"APAPA has been an amazing experience to grow professionally. It has given me opportunities to develop my leadership, communication, teamwork, and research skills. On top of this, the projects we worked on were very engaging and furthered my own skills."

Phiona Lu

University of California, San Diego

"API Next has provided me with the skills necessary to be more prepared for my professional future. I am glad that I had this opportunity and it was great to work alongside such an amazing group of people."

Aaron Sokthavy Tan


"As a communication major in a UC institution, which are notorious for primarily teaching theory in the classroom, API Next offered me the opportunity to put my research and communication skill set to actual practice and specifically toward a positive objective that promotes social justice. As a first-generation college student, it also provided me with a lot of financial wisdom that is setting me up to be more responsible and intentional with my finances."

Subaita Rahman

University of California, Berkeley

"In my experience, interning with APAPA has been a one-of-a-kind environment of teamwork, civic engagement, and personal & professional development. With the support of other like-minded and motivated students and valuable mentorship, I was able to foster my own leadership skills and take more of an active role in my community and my career in ways I've never thought of before.."

Cindy Zhu

Sacramento City College

"Before API Next I did not have much experience in what it is like to work in a professional setting. The overall experience has been immensely rewarding and helped me learn a lot useful skills. APAPA has inspired me and shaped my values further, so I plan on showing my gratitude through ways I can help my community."

Trevon Martin

Sacramento State University

"As a senior at Sacramento State University looking for a boost in professional development, as well as personal development; I found just that with the API Next program. It's experience I can add to my resume with confidence."

Sarah Keshavarz

University of California, San Diego

"I had a great experience with meeting new people and learning new assignments. I learned how to not procrastinate and communicate effectively with people."

Kristen Le

University of California, Davis

"I really enjoyed my experience and I learn a lot this summer. For me, the best part was meeting new people and working with my peers. I met a lot of truly inspiring people."

Megan Pagaduan

University of California, Berkeley

"API Next has made me more confident and better equipped for applying for jobs in the future. I don’t think I could’ve gotten this experience anywhere else. APAPA has been important to my professional and personal growth."

Hur-Ali Rizvi

University of California, Davis

"API Next has given me a glimpse into the inner workings of a grassroots movement. I’ve gained valuable experience in project management by honing my public relations skills, engaging in direct outreach, and writing thorough business plans."

Youngyun Kim

University of California, Davis

"I believe APAPA has helped me grow personally and professionally in ways I never expected. I continue to learn valuable lessons and skills during our workshops and with our projects.."

Gabriel Lee

University of California, Santa Barbara

"I really enjoyed API NEXT because of how manageable it was but also valuable. I was able to schedule my own hours and work on my own terms but I still felt like the time I spent was very productive. I was able to develop practical life skills and attend some very interesting in-person events. Overall, I was happy with my time at the program."

Ria Agarwal

Tufts University

"I really enjoyed this internship because I was able to make an impact on the AAPI community while also gaining skills in project management, organizing, and graphic design. Overall, this internship definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone and encouraged me to pursue leadership positions."

Catherine Gonzalez

University of California, Davis

"I think API NEXT is a great opportunity for any college student wanting to intern. It is a great experience and we are all making a difference while doing so. It is not just a temporary position but a long life partnership!"

Rebekah Sims

University of California, Berkeley

"Interning for API NEXT's program not only equipped me with the confidence to be more vocal about my ideas and advocating for my community, but also exposed me to a group of passionate people who helped me grow through a challenging, yet educationally formative experience."

Sanjay Srinivasan

University of California, Davis

"It is an excellent program that improves leadership and professional skill for all participants regardless of major. It helps develop many life skills that would be useful in the professional world."

Michael Navarro

University of California, Davis

"API NEXT and APAPA as a whole altered my organization skills in such a way to become a greater leader in my community. I learned the importance of voter registration and equal representation in our America. This internship was an amazing learning opportunity."

Kathleen Jiang


"API NEXT has been an invaluable experience for me. I've gotten to help make an impact on AAPI issues that I'm passionate about, while simultaneously gaining professional development for my future."

Grace Fang


"API NEXT is a program for people of varying experiences and skill levels to engage with one another and evolve as leaders. Students all over the country are able to come together for professional development, community engagement, and utilizing their voice for improving the world we live in."

Faith Jalango

American University

"API NEXT offered me the opportunity to experience a professional work environment, which can be difficult to find as a college student. I feel as though I am well equipped with the right tools and resources for my next opportunity."

Charity Arrington

American University

"API NEXT was an overwhelmingly positive experience of professional growth, community, and inspiration."

Megan Law


"My time here at API NEXT internship was beyond amazing and I enjoyed working with a diverse group of people from different universities around the country! This internship has taught me how to be more confident and professional in my career advancement as well as passionate about prevalent social issues in this country."

Nadia AlAjmi

University of California, Berkeley

"The API NEXT has allowed me to not only grow professionally, but also as a person too. It's an experience that I will value forever due to all skills, experiences and connections I have made throughout its time. Now that the program has ended for me, I definitely do see myself using the things I've learned from case competitions, workshops and working groups in my future academic and career endeavors. Thank you APAPA for the amazing experience and for allowing me to become a true leader!"

Elise Kiya

University of California, Davis

"APAPA has given me invaluable professional experience through hands-on project management, in-depth exposure to grassroots organizing, and business development workshops. Seeing our work with Unity Against Hate come to fruition and be so well received by the community was incredibly rewarding."

Trevaughn Muzik Christian

University of South Florida

"The program gave me amazing technical skills that can be translated into my working life. The step-by-step teachings of project management skills were also a much appreciated bonus. Overall, with the friendships made and skills gained, APAPA Leadership Launchpad was a phenomenal opportunity."

Tiana Baird

University of San Diego

"This organization helped me improve my confidence in my own abilities and gave me the tools to complete work that meant something. I am so grateful for this internship because I feel better prepared to go back to school and be a leader in the classroom."

Georgina Santillan

University of San Francisco

"This program has greatly helped me become more confident with my skills such as outreach, research, and leadership."

Ezra Brook

American University

"This program was very helpful with developing leadership skills, enhancing my communication skills and furthering my professional development. I was given multiple leadership opportunities and was given plenty of resources and help to excel through the program."

Lara Marcus

University of California, Santa Barbara

"APAPA has given me the leadership and professional tools that I need to success in the workforce. I am really glad I was able to experience this internship and I cannot wait to employ the skills I learned here in the future!"

Joanna Monique Aguilera

California State University of Fresno

"API NEXT gave me the effective leadership and professional development skills I needed to succeed in this program and in my academic and work life. I hope I served APAPA's missions and passions to the fullest of my ability and will continue to show support and effort to the AAPI community and other minorities. Leadership launchpad Project Management has allowed me to develop a sense of curiosity for entrepreneurship and being able to help solve problems utilizing my technical skillset. I am forever grateful to be apart of something much larger than myself and am glad to join the cause for better leaders of tomorrow."

Raïssa Ngoma

University of California, Berkeley

"I enjoyed working with people whose passion and dedication lead them to better support the development progress of one of America's most compromised community, the AAPI. It was a great space to develop professionally and also expand my network with people who truly are ready to immerse themselves in the work it takes to fully take on the world."

Alejandro Romero

California State University, Fresno

"I had a lot of positive experiences while in the API NEXT Program. Management was very helpful and wanted us not only to succeed but learn how to active that success. I learned a lot of valuable skills while in this internship and these are skills I will utilize in the real world. This program was influential in taking me out of my comfort zone and do something productive and inspirational. I recommend this program to people who are perhaps nervous or hesitant in joining a program. This is a great outlet for beginners and to get the foot in the door."

Hritvi Sheth

University of California, Davis

"API Next has given me the rare opportunity to strengthen my professional development while also making a social impact about current issues that I deeply care about."

Clara Ault

University of California, Santa Barbara

"Leadership Launchpad gave me invaluable experience in a professional setting. As I'm only a freshman, I haven't had much working experience and this gave me the opportunity to learn important skills like making a pitch, doing and analyzing research, and designing infographics. I know that I will take the skills I learned here and apply them to my professional life long after I leave this program."

Brennan Morago

University of California, Santa Barbara

"The Leadership Launchpad has been one of the greatest opportunities I've had during my college experience. I've made so many new relationships with my fellow committee members and I've become so much more confident in myself and my abilities!"

Krystelle Tran

Cypress College

"The API NEXT Internship Program is a full package experience. There's project management involved along with a heavy emphasis on time commitment and collaboration within a team. It's definitely an internship that equips you with the skills that one may need to carry themselves onward into the professional world. What you put in is what you gain out of it."

Kevin Leon

University of California, Davis

"APAPA has been important to me because it has given me the opportunity to uncover eye-opening events and trends happening to our AAPI community. It has served as positive momentum in trying to enact change and bring awareness to those around me."

Harry Yu

University of California, Merced

"The API NEXT program is one of the greatest professional acumen developmental programs I have ever been a part of. This program simulates the real-world professional environment to a tee. Teaches you invaluable insights and knowledge in project management, community outreach, and team working skills. Great program with fantastic people, what more can you ask for?"

Ryan Marta

University of California, Berkeley

"The program coordinators and members are amongst the most motivated and inspiring people that I have met. The professional skills you develop with APAPA apply to any industry and so inevitably will help you along your journey."

Kirsten Rose Kho

University of California, Berkeley

"This internship has given me such advanced consciousness on the importance of being well-informed. Understanding that the AAPI community is underrepresented has added fuel to my (newly discovered) passion to showcase their importance and representation. On this journey, I have met amazing individuals and colleagues that share this goal, and for many hours a week we create info-graphics, reports, and analyze data to be a catalyst for change. I have developed my professional and leadership skills through the power of Leadership Launchpad, and it empowers (and warms) my heart that we are doing it for such an impactful and extremely relevant population: AAPI."