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Internship Application

2023 Spring California Capitol Internship Program

Program Duration: March 28-2023 - June 3, 2023

Application Deadline: February 15, 2023

APAPA Interns will be placed as interns at the offices of legislators and public officials at the CA State Capitol in Sacramento.  Interns will be working on team projects, and case competitions gaining real world experience. Interns will be able to participate in on-going APAPA

also have the opportunity to contribute to and attend community events, including networking events, voters outreach, the APAPA Shining Star Gala, and the National Leadership Convention.

  • Professional Development Workshops will be held in-person on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm at APAPA HQ in Sacramento. The Orientation at APAPA HQ will be held the last Tuesday of March 2023.

  • All Student Interns will be recognized with their host office placements at the APAPA Shining Star Gala (Sacramento Grand Sheraton Hotel).

2023 Summer National Internship Program

Program Duration: June 2023 - September 2023

Application Deadline: TBD

APAPA Chapters offers summer placements in-person with legislators and public officials across the country. Interns will have the opportunity to work in a team setting, and also benefit from professional development workshops, providing professional skills and leadership experiences to help advance as future leaders in government, industry, and community engagement. This program is unique because it provides interns with practical skills that are valuable and transferable in multiple industry sectors.
  • Local APAPA Chapters may place interns with hosting legislators or public officials’ offices.

  • Six (6) Professional Development Workshops will be held

    • Workshop #1: National Virtual Internship Orientation & Boot-Camp

    • Workshop #2: Pitching 101

    • Workshop #3: Strategic Planning 101

    • Workshop #4: Project Management 101

    • Workshop #5: Professional Development 101

    • Workshop #6: Pitch Day & Case Competition

    • National Virtual Graduation Ceremony

  • More detailed information with program dates will be posted soon

Professional Experience

APAPA Internship will provide you with the following professional experience:

  • Communications: Learning best practices for successful communication campaigns.

  • Marketing: Integrating proven strategies from tech-entrepreneurs, investors & politicians

  • Public Relations: Learning skills in direct outreach, public relations, and engagement

  • Virtual Network Building: Developing a virtual network focused on professional growth

  • Primary Research & Content Drafting: Writing research plans, analysis, and reports

  • Project Management: Getting experience in strategic planning and project execution.


Work 10-12 hours per week via Zoom (flexible self-scheduled & virtual hours)

Workshop Series: Participate in weekly professional development workshops & training seminars


Successful interns will be eligible for: ​

  • Leadership Positions & Opportunities

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Professional Reference

  • Professional Development

  • Project Management Training 

  • Internship Credit Available for Applicable Majors 

  • Invitation to Future APAPA Programs

Apply Today

Submit your resume to Patrick Curzon at:

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